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  • Pros and Cons of Multi-Colored Patio Pavers

    Pros and Cons of Multi-Colored Patio Pavers

    Want a dramatic patio that catches everyone's attention? You might consider using multi-colored patio pavers. This design choice is a great way to add depth to your home's exterior, but it's not ideal for everyone. Check out the pros and cons of patchwork patio designs. Benefits of Multi-Colored Patio Pavers Here are some advantages of using more than one color

  • Is Cultured Stone Safe for Fireplaces?

    Is Cultured Stone Safe for Fireplaces?

    Cultured stone is celebrated for its beauty and versatility. It is lighter than natural stone veneer, so you can apply it to just about any vertical surface. What about fireplaces though? Can cultured stone stand up to the heat? Read on to find out if cultured stone is safe for fireplaces, and how to choose the right materials for your

  • What Is a Concrete Overlay?

    What Is a Concrete Overlay?

    Want stamped concrete without pouring a whole new slab? Tired of seeing minor cracks along the top of your concrete? Believe it or not, you can change the appearance of your concrete without replacing it altogether. The solution lies in a concrete overlay. Let's take a look at how concrete overlays work so you can better understand this process. What

  • Are Stamped Concrete Patios Slippery?

    Are Stamped Concrete Patios Slippery?

    If you're debating between a stamped concrete patio, brick paver patio, concrete slab, or other patio options, safety may be at the top of your list. Sure, the cost matters, but how will it feel walking on the patio after a rainstorm? Stamped concrete can be slippery, but there are many steps you can take to prevent slip-and-fall hazards. Read

  • How to Stop Brick Pavers from Shifting

    How to Stop Brick Pavers from Shifting

    Brick paving has the potential to last a lifetime, but that doesn't mean it will always look perfect. After years or decades of use, brick pavers tend to shift out of place. In this guide, we'll explain why pavers shift and how to stop brick pavers from moving. Why Brick Pavers Shift There are a few reasons why brick pavers

  • What Is Cultured Stone?

    What Is Cultured Stone?

    Cultured stone, also known as manufacturer stone, is a type of man-made material that is molded to look like natural stone veneer. It has become a popular choice in residential and commercial designs because of its versatility, durability, and natural appearance. With that in mind, cultured stone is not ideal for every situation. Here we'll discuss what cultured stone is

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