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  • Should I Seal My Concrete Pool Deck?

    Should I Seal My Concrete Pool Deck?

    If you have a concrete pool deck, you have the option to seal it or leave it exposed. Concrete sealing does add to the cost of maintaining a pool deck, but it also keeps the concrete looking clean and pristine. The concrete specialists at N&M Restoration highly recommend concrete sealants for pool decks, especially if

  • 5 Types of Decorative Concrete for Outdoor Surfaces

    5 Types of Decorative Concrete for Outdoor Surfaces

    Outdoor concrete doesn’t have to be a boring grey slab. It can be a beautiful feature that adds value to your home. There are many types of decorative concrete, and any one of them could be perfect for your property. Here are five common decorative concrete applications. Stamped Concrete Stamped concrete is the most well-known

  • What Is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

    What Is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

    If you’re looking for a new pool deck, patio, sidewalk, or other concrete application, exposed aggregate concrete may be perfect for you. This slip-resistant concrete surface is ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic, and it’s a beautiful addition for any home. Let’s take a closer look at what exposed aggregate concrete is so you

  • How to Fix Drainage Problems in Your Yard

    How to Fix Drainage Problems in Your Yard

    Does your backyard turn into a swimming pool every time it rains? Is your foundation shifting from improper water drainage? Having the right drainage paths in your yard can protect your foundation, landscaping, and peace of mind all at once. Here are some tips to fix drainage problems in your yard. The Importance of Proper

  • What Pool Deck Surface Is Best?

    What Pool Deck Surface Is Best?

    Whether you’re installing a new swimming pool in your yard or remodeling an existing one, your pool decking is just as important as the pool itself. The decking is the material surrounding the pool. It needs to be slip-resistant and sturdy enough to withstand constant water exposure. Which pool deck surface is best? Compare your

  • What Is Stamped Concrete?

    What Is Stamped Concrete?

    Want the look of brick pavers or stone without the price tag? Stamped concrete may be the solution for you. From patios to driveways to pool surrounds and more, stamped concrete can be used in a variety of applications. In this guide, we’ll explain what stamped concrete is and how stamped concrete is made. Stamped

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