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Is Cultured Stone Safe for Fireplace?

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Cultured stone is celebrated for its beauty and versatility. It is lighter than natural stone veneer, so you can apply it to just about any vertical surface. What about fireplaces though? Can cultured stone stand up to the heat? Read on to find out if cultured stone is safe for fireplaces, and how to choose the right materials for your home.

N&M Restoration, Brick layers


For the most part, stone is safe for fireplaces. This material can withstand heat just like brick or tile. However, there may be some issues with low-end cultured stone, but the quality products we use at N&M Restoration are sure to be an excellent fit for your fireplace.


Yes, you can use stone for outdoor fireplaces. But you must use products rated for exterior use. Outdoor fireplaces are not only subject to the fire within, but they have to withstand abuse from Mother Nature. This includes Rain, UV rays, snow, and heat. The elements are more intense outside. However. If we install a cultured stone outdoor fireplace for you, we’ll make sure to use the right materials for the job.

Also, keep in mind that exterior stone needs a moisture barrier to protect the inner layers from the elements. This will impact the installation of the stone but only slightly. If you work with professional cultured contractors like us, you can rest assured that your structure is properly protected.


If you’ve decided to use stone for your indoor or outdoor fireplace, follow these tips to choose the right stone for the task:

Consider the color of the surrounding materials. Your cultured stone doesn’t necessarily have to match your siding, paving, wood, wall color, or flooring, but it does need to complement those elements. Select a stone that is going to tie in with the rest of your interior or exterior to create a cohesive flow in the space.

Think about how the size of the stone will influence the fireplace façade. You might like a mixture of small and large stones, or you may prefer a wall of thin horizontal stones. With larger stones, you’re able to see each individual stone in a defined way. Thinner stones tend to blend as if they are a large slab of material. You can decide which option you like best.

Add other cultured stone in the area. Wrap the concrete skirting around your house in stone that matches your outdoor fireplace. Use the stone on your island to tie into your living room fireplace. You can use the stone as a standalone feature, but don’t be afraid to find other applications for it.

Stick with neutral colors .Most manufactured stone veneer comes neutral. However, there are some colorful options out there. Neutral colors can transition as trends change, so you’ll get longer use out of your investment by choosing a neutral color pallet.

Play around with placement options. Do you want your stone right around the fireplace, or do you want it running all the way to the ceiling? What about a wall-to-wall mantle with cultured stone underneath? Map out different placement options to find the balance that works for you.

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