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Poured Concrete

Durable, attractive, long-lasting, and easy to keep clean — these are the advantages of a concrete patio. Unlike paving bricks or patio slabs, a poured concrete patio greatly reduces gaps and cracks that can lead to weed growth and ant infestations.

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Poured concrete is by far the most popular way to use concrete. Nearly everywhere you look in your neighborhood you will see an example of poured concrete. It is used on driveways, walkways, patios, porches, shed pads, pool decks, and so much more. We are experts on poured concrete and have even been able to take it to the next level. We are able to offer you traditional poured concrete, we can also add a touch of color to your concrete to match it to your home! There are also many different finishes available for your concrete. Brushed, smooth, textured, or even polished.
Poured concrete walkways, pathways, and approaches
Poured concrete driveways with brick pavers
Poured concrete patios
Poured concrete pool surrounds (we also install exposed aggregate concrete surrounds_
Poured concrete overlays
Gorgeous hardscaping services, including brick paving
Multiple different colors and finishes available
Great choice for a variety of different projects
Extremely low maintenance

Poured Concrete in Michigan

Contact (248) 924-9798 for more information about getting poured concrete in Michigan. We recommend sealing your poured concrete once every 3-5 years for optimal results.