Brick Pavers, Helpful Tips

What to Put Under Pavers

brick pavers with firepit


Are you planning to redecorate and organize your outdoor space? If so, you’re probably wondering what to put under pavers to ensure that they’ll be long-lasting and durable. It turns out that the choice of the most suitable materials depends on numerous factors such as the installation method. One can be stated for sure. If you want your pavers to serve you for years, a strong foundation is the key to success. So, what’s the best landscape fabric to put under brick pavers?

Paver base – what is it?

Paver base is a material that you put under brick pavers to provide a solid foundation and ensure proper drainage. It can be made of various materials such as gravel, sand, or concrete. The most important thing is that the paver base should be compatible, stable, and permeable. Otherwise, it’ll create problems with the pavers shifting or cracking.

So, do you really need a paver base? Yes. Otherwise, the final outcome won’t meet your expectations. The pavers won’t be able to support the pressure and weight placed on them. Moreover, due to the lack of adequate drainage, the pavers can deteriorate and break.

What material do you put under pavers?

What to put under pavers? As it’s been already mentioned, the choice depends on numerous factors, including your needs and expectations.

However, some most popular options include:

  • Concrete – if you want to achieve a solid and level foundation, concrete is the best material to put under pavers. It’s also the most popular choice for many homeowners as it’s strong and durable. However, keep in mind that concrete takes time to cure. So, you won’t be able to use the pavers right away.
  • Gravel – what material do you put under pavers? Gravel is another useful option that provides good drainage. However, it’s not as strong as concrete. So, if you choose gravel, make sure to use a thicker layer.
  • Sand – do you need to put sand under pavers? Of course, you can, as it’s flexible. But it has its drawbacks. First of all, sand is not as strong as concrete or gravel. So, if you live in an area with a lot of rainfall, it’s not the best material to use. Why are the kinds of sand typically used? Polymeric sand is ideal for reducing movement and filling the joints.

What should you put under pavers for good drainage? The takeaway

What should you put under pavers? If you want to achieve proper drainage, make sure to use a paver base like sand or gravel that’s permeable. Otherwise, the water won’t be able to drain properly, and your pavers can get damaged.

As you can see, there are many factors that you should take into account when choosing the most suitable material tailored to your needs. However, one can be stated for sure. If you want your pavers to serve you for years, a strong foundation is a real must-have. So, to make an informed decision, contact professionals who will help you select a paver base that’s compatible and stable.