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Pros & Cons of Multi-Colored Patio Pavers


Want a dramatic patio that catches everyone’s attention? You might consider using multi-colored patio pavers. This design choice is a great way to add depth to your home’s exterior, but it’s not ideal for everyone. Check out the pros and cons of patchwork patio designs.


Here are some advantages of using more than one color in your patio design:

Add a focal point to a one-dimensional exterior. If you have a solid siding color or your home simply lacks an exterior focal point, this could be just the pop you’re looking for. Making a bold statement with a patchwork patio could transform your property for the better.

Tie in colors from throughout the property. Perhaps you have red siding, dark grey roof shingles, and light grey trim. Choosing pavers with all those colors in them could help create a cohesive exterior.

Establish the color palette for your exterior. If you’re planning to change your siding or hardscaping colors, this patio could set the tone for the whole design. Just make sure whatever you’re committing to is something you can build from. Neutral colors are ideal.

Accentuate accent colors. If your siding is mostly beige and you want to bring out the other colors on the property, you could choose multi-colored pavers that align with those accent colors.

They look great! Every time we install a multi-colored paver patio, we get tons of compliments. Neighbors drive by asking about our work. Clients send us referrals because their friends love the design so much. This is a true conversation starter that perfectly suits a wide range of homes.


Despite the pros of multi-colored patios, this design isn’t for everyone. Here are some situations that don’t work well for patchwork patio designs:

Patchwork patios make a busy exterior even busier. If your siding is multi-colored brick, having a multi-colored patio may be too much to look at. As an alternative, consider choosing one or two colors from the exterior to use as the color for your pavers.

The patchwork design doesn’t suit the aesthetic of your home. This isn’t a good fit for most mid-century aesthetics, but it can work well for a number of home styles.

You plan to add a lot of pattern elsewhere. If you want a patio filled with colorful furniture, pills, and flowers, having multi-colored pavers may detract from your design.

You already have solid pavers on the property. You could connect the solid color with a patchwork design, but that may be tricky to match. You’ll have to decide if the multi-colored pattern will look good, or if you’re better off using matching solid pavers.

How to Find the Right Balance for Your Paver Patio Design

Patchwork patio pavers are gorgeous conversation starters, but they aren’t exactly universal. Look at your exterior as a whole and decide if adding a variety of colors makes sense. If you have a relatively muted exterior, the patchwork design could add personality. If you have several focal points already, you’ll probably prefer a more simplistic patio paver design.

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