Top 7 Basement Finishing Tips

Top 7 Basement Finishing Tips

Finished basements are highly sought after in Michigan. If you can convert your basement into livable space, you’ll significantly boost your property value. You’ll also have more areas of the home to relax, entertain, work on projects, or do anything else you want to do. Check out these basement finishing tips from N&M Restoration.

1 – Resolve Moisture Issues Before Finishing the Basement

Moisture can quickly undo any work you put into your finished basements. We highly recommend basement waterproofing before you start the project. Our basement waterproofing services are ideal for finished basements. We add a vapor barrier over the walls that protects drywall from mold and mildew. If moisture forms under the barrier, it will drain down into a drainage system below the basement. You can have total peace of mind as your basement comes to life.

2 – Create a Versatile Layout (Especially If You Plan to Sell)

There are many ways to use a finished basement. You might have plans for a man cave, but a future buyer might see it as a mother-in-law suite. Even if you don’t plan to sell, you may have a completely different use for the space five years from now. Create an open, neutral layout with a lot of flexibility. That will ensure the best return on your investment.

Bonus Tip: Dedicate one area of the basement to storage. A finished basement doesn’t have to be used entirely for living space. You can designate an area for seasonal storage, paper goods, and supplies you might store in an attic or garage. The extra storage is sure to come in handy, either for you or for a future buyer.

3 – Stick to a Light, Neutral Color Pallet

Since basements are naturally dark, you’ll want to avoid dark paint. That will make the space feel smaller than it actually is. Opt for light neutral colors that can work well with any décor. This adds to the versatility of the space and will ensure you get great use out of it.

4 – Add Recessed Lighting Throughout

You can’t add much in the way of natural lighting, so you have to utilize your artificial lighting options instead. Recessed lighting will not drop the ceiling height like a fan or chandelier. You can place recessed lights along the perimeter of the space to illuminate it from every angle. Enjoy a well-lit atmosphere that no longer feels like a basement.

5 – Enhance the Concrete with Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating is an excellent option for basements. It is self-leveling, stain resistant, slip-resistant, durable, long-lasting, and absolutely beautiful! This is the best way to jazz up your concrete floors without worrying about moisture in the basement. Wood, vinyl, tile and other flooring options just aren’t ideal for finished basements. Epoxy flooring is.

Learn more about our epoxy flooring services, or call (586) 350-5824 to schedule a quote.

6 – Seal Areas Where Pests Could Enter

Critters are common in basements, and they can make for a bad experience in a finished basement. While you’re planning out your basement design, make sure you seal off pest access points. Something as simple as caulking around the windows can make all the difference.

7 – Plan Your Basement Finishing in Stages

You don’t have to finish the entire basement at once. You can take it in stages based on your budget and time availability. At N&M Restoration, we are happy to create a flexible basement finishing plan that you can tackle when the time is right. We will handle the first leg of the project upfront and then have a plan in place for the future. Give us a call at (586) 350-5824 to schedule your basement finishing consultation.