Helpful Tips

Power Washing


You know how it goes, you are walking through the home improvement store and those power washers seem to catch your eye every time. We tend to make a list of how we will use it and why it would be a great addition to the other tools in the garage.

A professional power wash

Right before we pull the trigger we stop ourselves because we know that it will become just another thing in the garage. Well let me encourage you, let me give you that little push you need to go ahead and make that purchase. It is one of the most useful tools you will ever purchase. I use mine to wash our vehicles, clean our deck at the beginning and end of summer, clean our siding, and the list goes on and on. Seriously, I use that thing more than you could ever imagine. It is a great way to wake up your brick pavers or driveway at the beginning of the season. There are so many uses for it I could take the rest of the day just writing a list.

But there is one thing that quite a few of us overlook.

Sealing and preservation after power washing. I learned this the hard way a couple of times. Excited to what the results would be, I took the throw rug out of my living room and power-washed it. Of course I was excited that it once again looked brand new, and it even got off the spot from the dog I never could get. I hung it up to dry and put it back in the living room the next day. I’ll tell ya what, within a month that thing looked just as bad as it did before. The power washer cleaned it but it also stripped off all of the Stainmaster. So I had to redo it, apply the sealant and then put it back in the living room. Your driveway, brick pavers, stamped concrete, and fencing are the exact same way. Once you powerwash them you will need to reseal them or they will get dirty reasonably quickly. Just a fun little tip for all you DIY’ers out there.

Stay safe, laugh often, and reach out if you need any help.