5 Types of Decorative Concrete

decorative concrete


Outdoor concrete doesn’t have to be a boring grey slab. It can be a beautiful feature that adds value to your home. There are many types of decorative concrete, and any one of them could be perfect for your property. Here are five common decorative concrete applications

A stamped concrete patio


Stamped concrete is the most well known form of decorative concrete. The concrete is colored and stamped. This gives the look like stone or brick pavers. There are two different colors used. One for the base and one for the top layer. In which, gives a multi-dimensional look that beautifully mimics brick and stone. Then pour the concrete into any desired shape. There are limitless color combinations to use. Further, you can get a custom design tailored to your property with stamped concrete.


Exposed aggregate concrete is concrete with the top layer of cream removed. This exposes the rocks and other material below, creating a beautiful finish and a naturally slip-resistant surface. Mostly pool decks and sidewalks use exposed aggregate concrete. Where as, matching older concrete on the property is another use of exposed aggregate concrete. For instance, do you have a worn down concrete driveway? You may opt for an exposed aggregate porch to mimic the appearance of your driveway.


Stained concrete is exactly what it sounds like: concrete stained to look a certain way. This is common inside homes. Outdoor surfaces cane use stained concrete. In fact, we use acid-stained borders for many of our concrete applications because they add an unexpected pop of color. Henceforth, this creates a finished look that is perfect for residential and commercial properties alike.


With a concrete overlay, decorative concrete is applied directly over your existing concrete. We use an adhesive layer to bind the old concrete with the new, ensuring the decorative concrete looks great for years to come. Concrete overlays allow you to change the look of your concrete without getting a completely new slab. If you’ve always wanted stamped concrete or stained concrete, the solution may be closer than you think!


Colored concrete is fairly straightforward. Instead of it being the traditional grey or beige color, we mix it with a colored additive to look however you want it to. Want a red patio to match your red block retaining wall? That’s not a problem. Especially because there are many colors to choose from, and you could still opt for a secondary color on the top layer, just like with stamped concrete. We’ll help you find the perfect design for your outdoor space.


In other words, with so many types of decorative concrete to choose from, how can you be sure what’s right for you? We can show you samples of the different options available, along with the pros and cons of each selection. No matter what you choose, we highly recommend sealing your concrete to preserve its color and sheen. Seal your concrete every 3-5 years for optimal results. For instance. if you have a wood fence, you can plan to seal your concrete when you stain your fence, for easy reference.

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