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New Concrete Driveway

A new concrete driveway


You’re standing on your porch and waving goodbye to the contractor who just finished up your newly poured concrete driveway. Now it rests on you to make sure the concrete cures properly. Don’t worry, it’s not very complicated!

A professional concrete job

It is important to help the concrete cure properly because it can be up to 50% stronger if done properly. This means your new driveway will last longer by you taking a few simple steps over the next month. And yes, I said a month. Concrete takes roughly 28 days to cure. One of the most important things you can do is simply bust out your garden hose and spray it down. By damping the top of the concrete you will cause the moisture inside of the driveway to evaporate slower, thus making the concrete harder. The best way to do this is to dampen it down 5-10 times each day. But you can get similar results but at least do it twice a day. When we got a new driveway I would go out and dampen it down before work and then again when I got home. Easy breezy, nothing too complicated but it is an important step.

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