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What Is Slate Stamped Concrete?

slate stamped concrete


Slate stamped concrete is an affordable alternative to slate tile. It can be used for interior or exterior applications. This is a great option for patios, entryways, steps, pool decks, and so much more. Read on to learn more about your options and other hardscaping options for your home.


Stamped concrete is “stamped” to look like stone, wood, brick, and other materials. Each home receives a custom installation process that’s tailored to the owner’s unique needs. Here is a basic overview of how stamped concrete, including slate stamped concrete, works:

  1. Get a consultation to evaluate the scope of the project.
  2. Review a booklet of colors and stamping designs to create a custom plan for your stamped concrete.
  3. Pour the base concrete on site. Then add a secondary accent color to the surface.
  4. Stamp the concrete shortly before it’s fully dry. Seal it later to preserve the color.

So, what is slate stamped concrete? In this case, the colors and stamping pattern will align with the look of slate tile. If you wanted a different look for stamped concrete, you could customize your selections to fit your aesthetic.


Slate stamped concrete looks similar to slate tile, but nothing matches true slate precisely. With that in mind, stamped concrete costs significantly less than natural slate, and it offers more design customization. If you choose natural slate tile, you’re going to pay more for a narrower set of options. Not only will the materials cost more, but the installation will also be more meticulous.

In terms of durability, both last for decades with proper maintenance. Concrete and tile are both subject to cracking with ground shifting, but we strategically scour our concrete to control cracking.

During your consultation, we can go over both options in full to determine which option you would prefer.


Slate is far from the only design option for stamped concrete. Many homeowners choose stamped concrete designs that look like brick pavers, tile, cobblestone, and other materials. Want a brick pattern in slate colors? We can make it happen. Want concrete that beautifully matches your siding? We can do that too. There is no limit to the possibilities with stamped concrete.

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