Brick Pavers, Helpful Tips

How to care for brick pavers

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Want your brick paver patio to look its best? Want to preserve the beauty of your brick paver driveway? No matter where brick pavers are around your home, you can use these simple steps to maintain them. Read on to learn how to care for brick pavers.

Sweep your brick paver surface regularly

For the majority of circumstances, all you need to do is sweep your brick pavers. This will remove freestanding dirt that detracts from the beauty of the stone. Sweeping only takes a few minutes to do, and it instantly refreshes your paved areas.

Make sure to sweep the bricks after you mow the yard. Fresh lawn clippings can stain brick pavers. Though, if you do not want to sweep, you could use a leaf blower to move the clippings to the yard instead.

Rinse mud and stuck-on dirt with water

If you have a muddy section on your pavers, you can wash that off with a garden hose. Just put your finger over part of the opening, so the water comes out at a slightly higher pressure. If you have an attachment that does this for you, use that to gently push the mud off the pavers.

For particularly stubborn messes, you can wash the pavers off with dish soap and water. If you have a grease stain on the brick, let the soap sit for several minutes before rinsing it off. You could also get your pavers power-washed, but that is not necessary for most cleaning jobs.

Replace damaged brick pavers

One of the benefits of brick pavers is that they are easy to repair and replace. So if a few of your pavers become stained beyond repair, we can swap them out for new ones. If the pavers become separated due to ground shifting, we can get them back in the right place. If you’re in need of brick paver repair, contact N&M Restoration for a free quote. No job is too big or too small for brick pavers care.

Consider sealing your brick pavers

Protect your pavers from the elements with the addition of brick paver sealer. This product seals the surface of the pavers, protecting them from snow, ice, rain, debris, sun rays, and much more. Brick sealing is not ideal for all circumstances, but it could be a good option for you. Talk to one of our brick pavers in Michigan to learn more about paver sealing.

For more information about brick paver care and other brick paving services, contact N&M Restoration at (248) 924-9798.