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How often should you reseal stamped concrete?


The best way to preserve stamped concrete is to reseal it every few years. This protects the color of the concrete and creates an extra shield on the surface. You most likely had your stamped concrete sealed when it was installed, but how often should stamped concrete be resealed? Here are some tips from N&M Restoration – a top-rated stamped concrete installer in Michigan.

Reseal stamped concrete every 3-5 years

Typically, we recommend resealing stamped concrete every 3-5 years. However, a stamped concrete surface with consistent foot traffic may need to be resealed more frequently. On the other hand, concrete that is hardly used or tampered with may not need to be resealed as often. We would be happy to inspect your concrete to determine if a new seal is appropriate.

Signs your stamped concrete needs to be resealed

There is an easy way to test if your stamped concrete needs to be resealed. Clean the concrete thoroughly, allow it to fully dry, and then place a drop of water on it. If the concrete immediately gets darker, the sealant has probably worn off. If the water stays as a bead for a few seconds, there is still sealer on the surface.

Another sign to look for is a loss of color. This is because the sealer is no longer available to enhance the color, or it is not protecting the surface layer of the concrete. You could also try looking at your concrete from different angles. Crouch down and look across the concrete, rather than on top of it. If the concrete has a sheen to it, there’s probably still sealer on it. If the concrete appears dull, the sealer has worn off.

How does concrete resealing work?

If you need to have your stamped concrete resealed, contact N&M Restoration. We will provide an in-person quote for the process and determine if your concrete truly needs to be resealed. Then we will power wash the surface to thoroughly clean it and apply a new, thin layer of sealer. Thick layers can make the concrete look cloudy, and it may not cure properly in all areas. We have the tools and expertise to ensure the job is done right.

Note: This is a good time to make changes to stamped concrete!

Concrete resealing is the perfect time to make adjustments to your stamped concrete, as needed. Does it feel like your stamped concrete is just too slick when it’s wet? We can put a slip-resistant additive in the new seal to correct that. Did you recently paint your home? You could potentially change the color of your stamped concrete to better match the new color scheme.

If you’ve had any issues with your stamped concrete, tell us about them! We will recommend the best way to remedy the matter before resealing. At N&M Restoration, customer satisfaction is always a top priority. Contact us at (248) 924-9798 for more information about stamped concrete and concrete resealing.