Brick Pavers, Helpful Tips

Walkout Basement Patio Design


Here are some tips on walkout basement patio design, courtesy of N&M Restoration.

Determine the Functional Goal of the Walkout Basement Patio

The function should be at the forefront of your mind for any home improvement plan. Think about what you would want to use the patio for. If your basement is set up like an apartment, the walkout patio might be a place to have coffee in the morning or put a small grill. If the basement is a man cave, the patio might be an extension of the elements inside.

We can design a versatile patio that can adjust to the home’s changing needs. Nevertheless, it would be wise to have a purpose in mind during the planning stages.

Create a Retaining Wall around the Patio

Chances are there is a raised area of landscaping somewhere around the walkout patio. A retaining wall can neatly hold that in place and add a border to the patio. Retaining walls are great options for breaking up the landscaping and controlling water on the property. We can plan for drainage, as needed, to prevent your walkout patio from flooding.

Design a Cohesive Patio that Complements Your Home

There are tons of materials to choose from when designing your walkout basement patio. Select materials that complement the other elements on the property, such as your siding, roof color, trim color, and other hardscaped areas. If you have multi-colored brick siding, you may choose pavers that pull one or two colors from the bricks. If your exterior is somewhat bland, you could choose multi-colored patio pavers for an extra wow factor.

Add Additional Hardscaping on the Property that Ties into the Basement Patio

Your walkout basement patio design should visually connect with other hardscaping features in some way. For instance, you might add some extra retaining walls on the property that utilize the same materials. You could also update your porch, walkways, fire pit, or other exterior features to create a unified design for your exterior. This will make the basement patio look like it’s been there all along.

Get a Quote for Your Walkout Basement Patio Design

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