How to Stop Brick Pavers from Shifting

How to Stop Brick Pavers from Shifting

Brick paving has the potential to last a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean it will always look perfect. After years or decades of use, brick pavers tend to shift out of place. In this guide, we’ll explain why pavers shift and how to stop brick pavers from moving.

Why Brick Pavers Shift

There are a few reasons why brick pavers shift. Primarily, the shifting is the result of movement below the brick pavers. Michigan soil is mostly sand or clay based. Water is able to freely move through the soil when it rains, which impacts the pavers above. We install a substrate that reduces this movement, but the ground will still shift over the years.

Another reason why brick pavers shift is because of the freeze/thaw cycle they undergo. As the temperatures change, the bricks expand and contract. This is true for most building materials, and there isn’t much you can do to reduce the effects.

Aging and general wear and tear further contribute to the shifting. The good news is, brick pavers are easy to repair. They can be releveled, resanded and put back into proper alignment. That’s what makes brick pavers such a great investment.

Proper Installation Is Crucial to Stop Brick Pavers from Shifting

Shifting prevention starts at the installation stage. Something as simple as firmly compacting the soil below can make a big difference in the way the bricks settle. At N&M Restoration, we use a multi-step installation process that is tailored to each situation. For instance, a brick paver driveway needs proper sloping for water drainage. We take that into account to ensure the best possible results from our professional brick paving services.

Add a Solid Edge for Extra Stability

A solid boundary around the brick pavers can drastically cut back on shifting. This may be a concrete lip, metal edging, or other materials that complement the design. The border helps the brick paver structure maintain its shape despite the ground movement below.

How to Fix Shifted Brick Pavers

If your brick pavers have moved out of place, it is possible to reposition them. This may require some alterations with the substrate below the pavers, or it may simply require moving them back where they belong. Then the pavers can be resanded to look like new!

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