Top down view of newly installed brick paver circle fire pit.

Circle Brick Paver Fire Pit Ideas

If you picture your dream backyard, chances are it has a fire pit somewhere. This is a staple in outdoor living, and it has become a highly sought-after feature for homebuyers. Whether you’re expanding your forever home or planning to sell in the future, you can benefit from having a fire pit. Check out these circle fire pit ideas for inspiration.

Round Fire Pit Patio vs. Square Fire Pit Patio

Why are circle fire pits so popular? Because they just make sense. Sure, you can have a square fire pit patio with a round or square pit in the middle, but a circular design functions better. Everyone can sit around the fire and have a conversation. There are no awkward corners where someone feels distanced from the group.

Design the fire pit shape that best suits your property and aesthetic, but don’t forget the functional benefits of a round layout.

Built-In Seating vs. Removable Seating

This is mostly a matter of personal preference and budget. Built-in seating can be designed to perfectly complement your fire pit, and it won’t fly away with heavy winds. Removable seating gives you the option to change out your chairs as your needs change, and it may make the space more versatile. Built-in seating may cost a bit more upfront, depending on materials. Removable seating is typically less durable, especially if it’s lightweight.

If you want the best of both worlds, consider adding a bench to one half of the patio. Then leave the other half open for Adirondack chairs, stools, or any other seats you want to add. If your style changes over time, you can swap out the chairs for new ones. The neutral bench that complements your patio and fire pit will still look great as the trends change.

Custom-Built Fire Pit vs. Store-Bought Fire Pit

You have the option to get a built-in fire pit for your patio or to add a store-bought pit to the slab. Premade fire pits don’t last nearly as long as custom-built fire pits, and they’re subject to rust and other damage. If you want a gorgeous fire pit that precisely matches your home, custom is the way to go. N&M Restoration can create an affordable fire pit design that fits your budget and boosts your property value.

Get a Quote for Your Custom Circle Fire Pit

N&M Restoration offers professional hardscaping services. We have installed a variety of fire pits, patios and outdoor kitchens over the years. We’ve got the process down to a science. Whether you want a stamped concrete fire pit, a brick paver fire pit, or other circle fire pit ideas, our craftsmen are here to get the job done. Give us a call at (586) 350-5824 to schedule your in-person quote.