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What Is a Concrete Overlay?


Want stamped concrete without pouring a whole new slab? Tired of seeing minor cracks along the top of your concrete? Believe it or not, you can change the appearance of your concrete without replacing it altogether. The solution lies in a concrete overlay. Let’s take a look at how overlays work so you can better understand this process.


An overlay goes on top of an existing concrete structure to give it a new appearance. Property owners typically choose this option because they want to update the way their concrete looks. If you want the look of stamped concrete, stained concrete, colored concrete, and other decorative concrete, a concrete overlay may be a good fit for you.


In order for the new concrete to bond with the old concrete, the existing slab needs to be thoroughly cleaned. After that, we apply Weld-Crete to ensure that the concrete firmly grips the slab. Then we apply the concrete in the style of your choice. In the case of stamped concrete, the stamping process occurs after the new layer of concrete is applied.


There are several types of concrete overlays, each with its own look and installation process. Some popular options include:

  • Stamped Concrete Overlay: This creates the appearance of stone or brick pavers, and it can also change the color of your concrete.
  • Textured Concrete Overlay: There are several different types of texture, such as broomed or knockdown. These overlays add grip to the surface of the concrete and create a unique appearance over a traditional slab.
  • Stained or Colored Concrete Overlay: In this case, the new concrete is a different color than the existing slab, but it is likely the same smoothness and texture.
  • Polished Concrete Overlay: Polished concrete has a glossy appearance that is perfect for many indoor applications.

Concrete Sealing: While not the same as a concrete overlay, concrete sealing does change the surface of the concrete. This application is common for stamped and colored concrete because it protects the coloration from sun and precipitation damage.

When you contact N&M Restoration, we can discuss these concrete styles to help you decide which one is right for you.


Not necessarily. A concrete overlay is only as successful as the surface below it. If your existing concrete is heavily cracked or persistently shifting, the concrete overlay is not going to last. Some minor cracks can be filled in or fortified, but more substantial ones usually require concrete replacement. We can evaluate your options during your consultation.

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