Everything About Epoxy Floors

So what is Epoxy? Epoxy is a mixture of a polymer resin and a hardener. When the two meet there is a chemical reaction that bonds the two chemicals together along with the floor. This creates a very hard plastic surface that is resistant to degradation, is extremely durable, and bonds exceedingly well to the […]

What to Put Under Pavers

Paver base – what is it? Paver base is a material that you put under brick pavers to provide a solid foundation and ensure proper drainage. It can be made of various materials such as gravel, sand, or concrete. The most important thing is that the paver base should be compatible, stable, and permeable. Otherwise, […]

All About Attic Insulation

FIBERGLASS BATT INSULATION I figured we would start with the best-known product. When you say insulation most people will picture the pink rolls found at all home improvement stores. Just because it is the most commonly known doesn’t mean it is the best insulation for your attic or any attic for the most part. But […]

How to Clean Tile Floors – Reliable Tips

What to pay attention to when cleaning tiles? When you think about how to clean tile floors, you should take into account a few things. Consider the type of tiles you have at home. They may be made of ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone. Each of these materials has unique features that may require the […]

Commercial Lintels

Stone Commercial Lintel Quite a few commercial buildings use stone or concrete lintels because they add a nice look to the exterior of the building. They are not as strong as steel lintels and they don’t rust, but you still need to inspect them. Stone or concrete lintels will actually deteriorate over time primarily due […]

What Is Stamped Concrete?

STAMPED CONCRETE IS IMPRINTED TO LOOK LIKE STONE OR BRICK Stamped concrete, also known as imprinted concrete, is designed to look like stone, brick, tile, wood, or another material. The concrete is a thinner consistency than traditional concrete, allowing for a smoother finish and better stamping results. Stamped concrete can be customized to fit each […]

Cracked Chimney Mortar – How to Fix It

How to maintain the chimney Regular chimney maintenance is the key to preventing damage and costly repairs. At least once a year, you should have your chimney inspected by a professional. They’ll be able to identify any potential problems and make recommendations for repairs or maintenance. In addition, you should be sure to sweep your […]

What Is Slate Stamped Concrete?

HOW SLATE STAMPED CONCRETE WORKS Stamped concrete is “stamped” to look like stone, wood, brick, and other materials. Each home receives a custom installation process that’s tailored to the owner’s unique needs. Here is a basic overview of how stamped concrete, including slate stamped concrete, works: Get a consultation to evaluate the scope of the […]

What Is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

WHAT DOES EXPOSED AGGREGATE MEAN? Within most concrete mixtures is a collection of stones and other particles, covered by a top layer of cream. In the case of exposed aggregate concrete, that top layer is removed to reveal the beautiful stones below. Decorative stones may also be added to the surface, depending on the look […]

What is Cultured Stone?

HOW CULTURED STONE IS MADE Cultured stone is made from aggregate materials, cement, and pigment additives for coloration. Manufacturers create molds from natural stone or strategic mold designs, then pour the concrete mixture into the molds. The material is cured to yield a durable, stone-like veneer that is much lighter than natural stone. Most cultured […]