What Is Stamped Concrete?

STAMPED CONCRETE IS IMPRINTED TO LOOK LIKE STONE OR BRICK Stamped concrete, also known as imprinted concrete, is designed to look like stone, brick, tile, wood, or another material. The concrete is a thinner consistency than traditional concrete, allowing for a smoother finish and better stamping results. Stamped concrete can be customized to fit each […]

Pavers vs. Poured Concrete – What’s Better for Outdoor Spaces?

Poured concrete vs. pavers – cost and maintenance The first thing you need to take into account when choosing between poured concrete vs. pavers is the cost of materials and installation. Pavers are usually more expensive than concrete, but they’re also easier to install. On the other hand, poured concrete is a more labor-intensive project, […]

What Is Slate Stamped Concrete?

HOW SLATE STAMPED CONCRETE WORKS Stamped concrete is “stamped” to look like stone, wood, brick, and other materials. Each home receives a custom installation process that’s tailored to the owner’s unique needs. Here is a basic overview of how stamped concrete, including slate stamped concrete, works: Get a consultation to evaluate the scope of the […]

How often should you reseal stamped concrete?

Reseal stamped concrete every 3-5 years Typically, we recommend resealing stamped concrete every 3-5 years. However, a stamped concrete surface with consistent foot traffic may need to be resealed more frequently. On the other hand, concrete that is hardly used or tampered with may not need to be resealed as often. We would be happy […]

How Long Does Stamped Concrete Last?

STAMPED CONCRETE CAN LAST 25+ YEARS Stamped concrete can last just as long as standard concrete. On average, this is 20-30 years, depending on maintenance and climate. A stamped concrete slab on rapidly shifting soil may not last as long as concrete on a more stable option. Nevertheless, you can expect to get a couple […]

New Concrete Driveway

It is important to help the concrete cure properly because it can be up to 50% stronger if done properly. This means your new driveway will last longer by you taking a few simple steps over the next month. And yes, I said a month. Concrete takes roughly 28 days to cure. One of the […]

5 Types of Decorative Concrete

STAMPED CONCRETE Stamped concrete is the most well-known form of decorative concrete. In this process, the concrete is colored and stamped to look like stone or brick pavers. There are two different colors used in the concrete: one for the base and one for the top layer. This gives a multi-dimensional look that beautifully mimics […]