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Closeup of Stamped Concrete in Troy MIStamped concrete is an affordable way to achieve gorgeous hardscapes throughout your property. From walkways to patios to hot tub bases and more, there are endless possibilities with stamped concrete. N&M Restoration is the go-to installer for stamped concrete in Troy MI. Our services are highly sought after, and we’ve worked with a variety of homeowners and business owners in the area.

  • Eye-Catching Stamped Concrete That Looks Like Stone, Slate Tile or Brick Pavers
  • Durable Residential Concrete for Every Area of Your Property
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete That Exposes the Beautiful Stones within the Concrete Mix
  • Slip-Resistant Pool Decking, Walkways and Patios
  • Brick Paver Driveways and Patios – Choose from a Variety of Colors and Shapes
  • Chimney Brick Repair and Other Masonry Restoration Services
  • Brick Laying, Mortar Replacement and Paver Sanding/Sealing
  • Gorgeous Hardscaping from a Team of Experienced Builders

If you’d like us to transform your property with stamped concrete, call (586) 350-5824 for an in-person estimate.

Stamped Concrete vs. Hardscaping Pavers – What’s the Best Option?

Stamped concrete and pavers both have their pros and cons. Concrete is often more affordable at first, but it may not last as long as pavers. Pavers are easier to repair, but concrete may be considered more customizable. We offer hardscaping and stamped concrete in Troy MI, and we’d be happy to compare your options for you.

  • Stamped Concrete Tends to Cost Less Upfront than Pavers
  • Hardscaping Pavers Last Longer and Are Easier to Repair Than Concrete, Making Them the More Affordable Option in the Long Run
  • Concrete Can Be Poured in Almost Any Color, Shape, and Style You Want
  • Hardscaping Pavers Are All Unique and They’re Highly Sought after in the Troy MI Community
  • Both Stamped Concrete and Pavers Can Enhance Your Property, as Long as They’re Installed Properly
  • Compare Your Options with a Free Estimate from N&M Restoration

Learn more about stamped concrete and hardscaping pavers by calling (586) 350-5824.

Can You Put Stamped Concrete over Old Concrete?

If your existing concrete slab is in good condition, you can get stamped concrete over top of it. This is a process known as concrete overlay, and it requires a special adhesive to bond the new concrete with the old. N&M Restoration offers stamped concrete overlays, as well as complete stamped concrete installation.

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