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Are you worried about cracks in your brick and stone? Has foundation shifting left your brickwork worse for wear? If you need a brick repair company in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, our team can assist you with your residential and commercial masonry.

Cost to repair a crack in the outside of a brick house in Michigan?

The cost to repair a crack outside of a house brick in Grosse Pointe, MI, can vary depending on several factors, including the extent of the damage, the type of bricks used, and the labor costs in your area. However, I can provide you with a general range to give you an idea:

  1. Minor Crack Repair: If the crack is small and superficial, a basic repair may cost between $ 200 and $500. This typically involves filling the gap with mortar or caulk.
  2. Moderate Damage: For cracks that are more extensive but still manageable, such as cracks that affect multiple bricks or go deeper into the wall, you might be looking at a cost ranging from $500 to $1,000 or more. This may involve removing and replacing damaged bricks.
  3. Severe Damage: If the crack indicates a more significant structural issue or widespread damage, the cost can be substantially higher. It could range from $1,000 to several thousand dollars, depending on the extent of the repairs needed. This may involve not only brick replacement but also addressing any underlying structural issues.
  4. Labor Costs: Labor costs can vary, so it’s essential to obtain quotes from local contractors or masons to get an accurate estimate for your specific situation. Labor costs in Grosse Pointe, MI, may differ from other areas.
  5. Additional Factors: Other factors that can affect the cost include the accessibility of the damaged area, the type of mortar or materials needed, and whether any permits are required.

To get an accurate estimate for your specific brick repair project in Grosse Pointe, MI, it’s advisable to contact local masonry contractors. They can assess the damage, provide you with a detailed quote, and discuss the best approach to address the issue while ensuring the structural integrity and aesthetics of your home.

Michael Georges
Michael Georges
April 18, 2023
We had N&M remove an existing concrete patio and then install paver stones. The entire process from getting an estimate, to design, to completion was very easy. Any questions were always quickly answered. The patio looks great and we are very happy with the finished product. A couple things they did that I appreciated was they removed an old drain pipe from a gutter going into the ground and replaced it with new pipe going out into the yard (about 20 ft) away from the bricks. This was not in the quote and they did not charge anything for this. They also leveled out the patio to the yard with dirt and then seeded it. They also placed dirt and seed in areas around the driveway that they were not even working around. I would use them again if I need any more work done.
Marc Decourcy
Marc Decourcy
March 24, 2023
So happy with this company . I am an employee here and I can tell you that we as a team and I personally believe that the work we do for our clients is the best . I’m proud to work here and see the creations we build and it’s a good feeling !
Jamie Slotkowski
Jamie Slotkowski
March 18, 2023
Had some work done from this company last year as a referral contractor that we could trust. We used them for a concrete patio and everything went smooth. There were lots of people that showed up after the permitting went through. Too many workers throughout the day to even take a count. Always polite, and courteous. The driveway and patio were done within a day and it was worth it. Previously, we had a lot of water buildup near our door, and around the garage. This problem no longer exists. The patio was finished before days end, and even stamped. When they were down, we finished with a Behr acid stain kit from Home Depot . We were then finally, able to enjoy our season on our new patio. A huge thumbs up to N&M Restoration and their crew. I highly recommend them.
Amarjeet Gill
Amarjeet Gill
January 17, 2023
Nice people. U can enter from Groesbeck and exit from helle. I had bunk truck , moved my tandems all the way to the front while exiting from helle. Look for overhead wires when entering the premises.
Dick Rappleye
Dick Rappleye
September 25, 2022
Very competent and responsive organization - clearly a professional company. Researched past clients and visited sites - those clients were very satisfied. Finally gave go ahead for sea wall project on Friday - they were there Monday and done by early Wednesday … very impressive. Work was well supervised and suggestions for added improvements were appreciated. I may have need for future services, and would not hesitate to use N&M.
Pete Lawall
Pete Lawall
September 14, 2022
I was looking for a concrete contractor to check and quote a large side door porch. The concrete blocks supporting the slab were crumbling. I called N&M and talked to Tom and explained that we were looking for a repair and not a rebuild. They sent Corgan out to inspect and quote the next day. After some discussion, we agreed on an action plan and price. Tom quoted 2 weeks for them to start, but in a couple of days they were delivering material and began work. I talked with Carlos during the work and he was very helpful answering my questions. It took them 2 days to complete and was done exactly as we discussed. In all, I was happy with their responsiveness and the work. I would definitely use them again!
September 3, 2022
Nate and his crew were great, they made sure the quality was on point and that I was satisfied with all aspects.

Can cracked bricks be repaired?

Yes, cracked bricks can be repaired. The extent and method of repair will depend on the severity of the crack and whether the structural integrity of the brick or the surrounding structure is compromised. Here are some common methods for repairing cracked bricks:

  1. Mortar Repair: For small cracks, especially those that are primarily cosmetic and don’t affect the brick’s structural integrity, a simple mortar repair can be effective. This involves filling the crack with a specialized mortar mix that matches the color and texture of the existing brick. Grosse Pointe
  2. Brick Replacement: If a brick is severely cracked or damaged, it’s often best to replace it. This involves carefully removing the damaged brick and replacing it with a new one that matches the style and appearance of the existing bricks. This can be a more involved process, but it ensures the structural integrity of the wall.
  3. Repointing: In some cases, cracks may be due to deteriorating mortar joints rather than the bricks. Repointing involves removing the old, damaged mortar and replacing it with new mortar. This not only addresses cracks but also strengthens the overall structure.
  4. Stitching or Reinforcement: For more serious structural issues, such as horizontal cracks that suggest a shifting foundation, specialized techniques like brick stitching or reinforcement may be required. These methods involve adding support to the cracked area to prevent further movement.

It’s essential to assess the severity of the crack and its potential impact on the structural integrity of the wall before deciding on a repair method. Additionally, hiring a professional mason or contractor is advisable, as they can accurately diagnose the issue and recommend the most appropriate repair technique. Ignoring cracked bricks can lead to more extensive and costly repairs down the line, so addressing them promptly is generally a wise choice.

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