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Hardscaping can transform a property from a blank canvas to a work of art. Whether you’re looking to enhance your landscaping or create an extra space for entertaining, hardscaping has the power to help you reach your goals. N&M Restoration has a crew of professional hardscapers on standby, including masons, brick pavers, concrete layers, and much more. Our services include:

  • Brick Paving and Brick Paver Repair Services
  • Boulder Retaining Walls, Paver Retaining Walls, Outcropping and Riprap
  • Decorative Concrete, Stamped Concrete and Exposed Aggregate Concrete
  • Concrete Overlays for Existing Structures
  • Exquisite Hardscaping in Harrison Township MI
  • Quick Turnaround Times and Dependable Communication from a Locally-Owned Hardscaping Company near You

If you’d like a hardscaping consultation, give us a call at (248) 924-9798. We’ll provide a detailed proposal, along with warranty information and answers to all your questions.

How Much Does Hardscaping Cost in Harrison Township MI?

The cost of hardscaping varies considerably based on the materials, size, configurations and more. A small paver patio may not cost as much as full brick driveway. The good news is, we have hardscaping solutions to suit every budget. We can discuss your goals and what you want to spend to find the best fit for you.

  • Review a Wide Selection of Materials to Find the Right Fit for Your Budget
  • Compare Stamped Concrete vs. Hardscaping to Determine What Works Best for You
  • Get a Detailed Digital Proposal Outlining All Your Options
  • Repair or Restore Your Existing Hardscaping, If Possible
  • Consider a Decorative Concrete Overlay to Enhance Your Concrete Slab
  • Work with a Fully Insured Hardscaping Company in Harrison Township MI

If you’re interested in hardscaping in Harrison Township, contact N&M Restoration at (248) 924-9798.

What’s the Difference between Hardscaping and Softscaping?

Hardscaping refers to the hard surfaces around a property, such as paved walkways or brick patios. Softscaping involves the plants and turf on the property. The two features can work together to create a gorgeous outdoor space. N&M Restoration specializes in hardscaping, masonry and decorative concrete installations.

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