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Close up of Chimney Repair in Warren MIThe bricks on the outside of your chimney are more susceptible to damage than your siding or interior bricks. This is because they lack coverage from roofing and other structures. This may cause your chimney bricks to crack and crumble faster than the rest of the bricks on your property.

No worries though. N&M Restoration provides affordable chimney repair in Warren MI. Contact us at (586) 350-5824 to schedule your no-obligation chimney repair estimate.

Targeted Solutions for Brick Chimney Damage

The specific type of chimney repair you need will depend on the source of the damage. Is it the result of aging, or is there an underlying issue at play? We’ll assess the circumstances and provide a personalized plan for chimney repair.

  • Your Chimney Inspector Will Evaluate the Root Cause of Chimney Damage
  • You’ll Receive a Detailed Job Proposal Outlining the Scope of the Project
  • You Can Make an Informed Decision about How You Want to Address Your Brick Damage
  • We’ll Schedule a Time for Chimney Repair That Works for You and for Us
  • Our Experienced Bricklayers Will Complete Your Chimney Repair Quickly and Easily
  • You’ll Have Total Peace of Mind, Thanks to Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • You Can Enjoy Your Fireplace and Chimney for Years to Come!

Start your chimney restoration journey by calling (586) 350-5824.

How Much Does Chimney Repair Cost?

Chimney repair costs vary based on the cause of the damage, the extent of the damage, and the type of repair being performed. Mortar repointing costs less than complete chimney rebuilding. HomeAdvisor says the average brick chimney repair costs between $175 to $1,000, but that doesn’t account for the factors on your property. Your best bet is to get a chimney repair quote to learn what your specific repairs will cost. Contact us at (586) 350-5824 to get started.

Durable Brick Repair and Color-Matched Brick Replacement

At N&M Restoration, we take the time to find the closest possible match for replacement brick and touchup mortar. Our goal is to make the chimney repair look like a natural part of the structure. You can count on us for…

  • Brick Paving for Patios, Porches, Driveways and Walking Paths
  • Mortar Replacement Services that Protect Your Bricks from Crumbing
  • Reliable Chimney Repair in Warren MI
  • Concrete Overlays to Improve the Look of Your Existing Slabs
  • New Concrete Installation, Including Exposed Aggregate Concrete and Stamped Concrete
  • Boulder Retaining Walls and Traditional Block Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Sealing and Brick Restoration

Contact N&M Restoration at (586) 350-5824 If You’re in Need of Chimney Repair in Warren MI

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