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Closeup of Chimney Repair in Troy MIWhen you need trustworthy chimney repair in Troy MI, you can count on N&M Restoration. We’re known for providing quality brick and mortar work, backed by superior customer service. We get tons of repeat and referral clients, and we stand behind every project we’ve ever done. If you’d like a quote for affordable chimney repair, please call (586) 350-5824.

What Causes Chimney Cracks?

Chimney cracks can come from a number of resources, but most are the result of general aging. On occasion, a catastrophic event will cause a chimney to crumble. The majority of issues come from weather exposure and wear. Common causes of chimney cracks include:

  • Freeze/Thaw Cycles, Which Shrink and Expand Construction Materials
  • Water Infiltration, Often Caused by Worn Mortar
  • Foundation Issues, Such as Sinking and Shifting
  • Faulty Chimney Design or Improper Installation Techniques
  • Internal Issues with the Flue or Liner
  • Persistent Exposure to Wind, Precipitation and UV Rays

For more information about chimney repair in Troy MI, contact N&M Restoration at (586) 350-5824.

Does Home Insurance Cover Chimney Repair?

Some chimney issues are covered by insurance, but most are not. This is because most chimney damage is the result of general wear and tear, not a storm or lightning strike. If your chimney got hit by a large tree branch during a storm, the repairs might be covered under your insurance policy. If the bricks are worn or weren’t installed correctly to begin with, your insurance probably won’t cover repairs. We can assess all of that during your chimney inspection. Call (586) 350-5824 to schedule an appointment.

Reliable Masonry Repair, Bricklaying and Brick Paving Services

N&M Restoration works on far more than chimneys. We service just about any exterior surface on your property, from patios to cultured stone siding to boulder retaining walls and beyond. Our bricklayers, pavers and masons all work directly for us. You’ll never have to worry about subcontractors with questionable craftsmanship. Reach out if you’re in need of…

  • Chimney Rebuilding and Professional Chimney Restoration
  • Affordable Chimney Repair in Troy MI and Surrounding Areas
  • Retaining Wall Restoration and Installation
  • Mortar Replacement Services, Also Known as Repointing
  • Concrete Overlays, Stamped Concrete and Decorative Concrete Installations
  • Driveway Rebuilds, Sidewalk Installation and Brick Paving
  • Cultured Stone for Exterior and Interior Applications
  • Gorgeous Hardscaping from a Top-Rated Brick Paving Company

To Set up a Quote for Chimney Repair in Troy MI, Contact N&M Restoration at (586) 350-5824

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