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View Looking Up to Chimney Repair in Royal Oak MIWorried about the stability of your chimney? Afraid to turn your fireplace on because the outside bricks are cracked? N&M Restoration offers reliable chimney repair in Royal Oak MI. We’ll evaluate the root cause of the brick damage and address it accordingly. It all starts with a free inspection from one of our experienced bricklayers. Call (586) 350-5824 to learn more.

Precisely-Matched Brick Repairs and State-of-the-Art Chimney Inspections

A successful chimney repair is virtually undetectable. Replacement bricks and mortar blend with existing materials, and the structure looks renewed. This is an artform that we have perfected over the years, and it’s one of the reasons we receive consistent referrals for chimney repair in Royal Oak MI.

  • Drone Chimney Inspections with Detailed Photos (Included with Your Digital Proposal)
  • Color-Matched Mortar with Seamless Transitions
  • Replacement Bricks Sourced from Local Supply Yards
  • Dependable Chimney and Brick Repair, Backed by an Extensive Warranty
  • Cutting-Edge Equipment and Proven Masonry Techniques

To learn more about our brick and chimney repair services, contact N&M Restoration at (586) 350-5824.

Trusted Brick and Mortar Services with Quick Turnarounds

Brick damage is not something to leave unattended. It’s only going to get worse with age, which will inevitably increase your repair bills. Thanks to our rapid turnaround times, you can get your chimney restored just in time to use it.

  • Brick Repair, Chimney Repair and Brick Restoration
  • Concrete Crack Repair and Beautiful Concrete Overlays
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete, Residential Concrete, Stamped Concrete, and Other Concrete Services
  • Brick Paving and Brick Paver Resets
  • Boulder Retaining Walls, Riprap Retaining Walls, and Traditional Retaining Walls
  • Hardscaping for Patios, Walkways, Steps, Driveways and More

Give us a call at (586) 350-5824 to schedule your chimney inspection. If you have any questions along the way, we’ll be more than happy to answer them.

How Expensive Is Chimney Repair in Royal Oak MI?

It’s hard to say how much chimney repair will cost without seeing the chimney firsthand. Is it an issue with the bricks, the mortar, or something else? How long will the repair take? What resources are needed to complete the repair? HomeAdvisor estimates that chimney crack repair costs anywhere from $175 to $3,000, but there are a number of factors that influence the price. No matter what, you’ll receive a fair and honest quote from N&M Restoration.

Contact (586) 350-5824 to Get Your Quote for Chimney Repair in Royal Oak MI

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