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Searching for a brick replacing contractor in Bloomfield Hills MI? The talented team at N&M Restoration is here to assist you. Perhaps you need part of your chimney replaced, or maybe you want a new brick porch to liven up your curb appeal. Whatever the case may be, you can count on our experienced brick layers. We provide a range of services, including:

  • Brick Paver Repair, Installation and Replacement
  • Brick Installation Services, Including Brick Porches and Brick Paver Driveways
  • Color-Matched Replacement Brick That Blends with Your Existing Bricks
  • Seamless Mortar Replacement and Tuckpointing Services
  • Chimney Repairs with Drone Inspections
  • New Brick Installation and Top-Quality Brick Replacement

To schedule an in-person quote, contact us at (248) 924-9798. You’ll work with a licensed brick replacing contractor in Bloomfield Hills MI, and you’ll get superior service that’s second to none.

How Does Brick Replacement Work?

Each brick paving and brick repair project is unique. If there is an area of damaged brick, we will evaluate the root cause of the damage. Taking care of the source will prevent more damage in the future. From there, we will replace the damaged brick with the closest possible match, and we will color-match the mortar to secure the bricks in place. The entire process is customized for your needs.

  • We Inspect the Masonry to Determine What Type of Brick Replacement You Need
  • We Source Replacement Bricks from Dozens of Local Yards (Even the Internet!)
  • We Find the Best Match for Your Existing Brick
  • We Carefully Remove the Old Bricks and Replace Them with the New Ones
  • We Replace the Mortar with New, Color-Matched Mortar
  • You Get Peace of Mind Knowing That Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed

Contact us at (248) 924-9798 to reach a brick replacing contractor in Bloomfield Hills MI.

A Brick Replacing Contractor with Extremely High Referrals

When we say high referrals, we mean it. We once worked on nearly 20 houses on the same street, all because of referrals! We respect the Bloomfield Hills community, and we have a passion for brick repair. You get the service of a local company with the integrity of a longstanding brand. It’s the best of both worlds, and it’s right here at N&M Restoration.

Call (248) 924-9798 to Speak with a Licensed Brick Replacing Contractor in Bloomfield Hills MI

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