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Basement Waterproofing

Signs of a Basement Waterproofing Issue

Musty Odors– the decay process from mold, mildew, & dry rot. Damp spots on unpainted walls- may appear saturated(dark) in various places. Damp spots on painted walls will darken your paint color, as if it were stained. Cracks in the walls– a sign your foundation has moved or shifted. Peeling paint– is a sign that your wall has taken moisture inside. Water in basement or visible water stains on the floor.

Pay Attention

Foundation Cracks in Floor – Indicates pressure that builds up under neath the basement floor. Most of the time you can actually see staining around the cracks. Hydrostatic pressure between the foundation and the slab is Moving water that is forced up through the slab by the weight of water in the soil surrounding the foundation. Occurs when the water table is higher than the concrete slab. on the windows there may be condensation occurring. Overall when you first enter your basement a musty smell is evident. you will also be able to smell the odor on things stored in your basement such as: Boxes (will be damp-moist), clothing, or other items stored in your basement.

Tips to Keep Dry

Moisture proof paint – Painting your basement walls with moisture-proof paint can help stop moisture from developing on the interior walls. Check your gutters regularly – clean your gutters & down spouts on a regular basis and check for damage. If your home does not have them, install them & ensure that water is always directed away from the foundation of your home.

What You Should Look For

Water in basement – Water entering low on the walls, at the seam, through the floor or through the walls.
Mold or Mildew – Fungus grows in moisture-rich environments It causes discoloring of surfaces. Mold and mildew may also begin to grow on your walls.
Peeling Paint – Discolored, peeling paint can point to a water problem.
Dry Rot – Looks like a brownish or black fungus it is usually on the wood surfaces & causes the wood to decay after time.
Foundation Cracks in Wall – Step cracks follow the block outline, Horizontal cracks most commonly indicate pressure is coming from outside. If this is occurring you may also see bowing and/or sagging walls.

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