Will Epoxy Floor Coating Cover Cracks?

Will Epoxy Floor Coating Cover Cracks?

Epoxy floor coating is highly versatile, and it’s an excellent option to cover old concrete. Stains and discoloration go away, and the design possibilities are endless. What happens with cracked concrete though? Will epoxy floor coating cover cracks?

Epoxy Floor Coating Covers Pores in Concrete

Epoxy protects concrete flooring by filling in the small pores along the surface. These pores are subject to staining and erosion over time. The epoxy provides a barrier against chemicals, spills, oil, and more. It can be installed in nearly every color combination imaginable, with dozens of design pattens to choose from. Best of all, it can make two different slabs of concrete look unified. Transform your basement, garage, patio and more with enhanced epoxy flooring.

With all of this in mind, epoxy floor coating is not made to repair concrete cracks. The epoxy is self-leveling and may be able to fill in small surface cracks. For the most part, the epoxy is not going to be what repairs the crack.

Crack Repair Is Part of Epoxy Floor Prep

When we prepare for epoxy floor installation, we fill in the cracks in the concrete. This ensures a smooth finish in the end and maintains the structural integrity of the epoxy. So even though epoxy floor coating does not cover cracks directly, the cracks are covered in the process.

What Happens If the Cracks Are Beyond Repair?

Some concrete cracks are beyond repair. If you have a significant crack running down the center of your garage, you can’t just fill it with new concrete. When we encounter a crack that cannot be repaired, we look for the source of the cracking and recommend the necessary solutions. For example, you may need foundation repair, followed by new concrete installation.

If you need replacement concrete, you can choose what you want it to look like. You may still want epoxy floor coating, or you may prefer a different finish. We offer a wide selection of residential concrete services, including concrete staining, stamped concrete, and exposed aggregate concrete. We’ll help you decide what option is best for your home.

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