Chimney inspection closeup.

Have You Scheduled Your Fall Chimney Inspection?

You may not be ready to use the fireplace just yet, but fall is the perfect time for a chimney inspection. A little prep work now will allow you to use your fireplace as soon as you want to, even in an unexpected cold front. Let’s take a look at why chimney cleaning is important and why you should plan for a fall chimney inspection.

How Often Should You Get a Chimney Cleaning and Inspection?

The National Fire Protection Association recommends chimney cleaning at least once per year (Standard 211). Even if you don’t actively use your fireplace, your chimney can get damaged. For example, a bird may build a nest in the flue or moisture may get trapped between the flue tiles and the bricks. An annual inspection will minimize these risks and ensure your fireplace is safe to use.

If you use your fireplace all winter long, you may want an inspection mid-way through the season. The Chimney Safety Institute of America suggests sweeping your chimney after 1/8th of an inch in sooty buildup. The soot is acidic, and it can damage the structural integrity of the fireplace if left unattended. This shortens the life of the fireplace and may lead to costly repairs later on.

Why the Fall and Not the Winter?

Winter is a busy time for chimney repair companies and professional chimney sweepers. Most homeowners don’t think to schedule their chimney inspections until shortly before they light their fireplace. If you schedule your inspection for the fall, you can get faster service and enjoy your fireplace right away.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some chimney repairs take time. If we notice an issue during your chimney sweeping, we will recommend the necessary repairs and give you an estimate for completing those repairs. With the heavy workload of the winter, repairs take even longer during the cold months. Get a fall inspection and you won’t have to worry about the wait time.

What Happens during a Chimney Inspection and Cleaning?

A chimney inspection involves a detailed cleaning of every element of your chimney. We go over each chimney part to make sure it is functioning properly. Services include:

  • A visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the chimney (crown, cap, flue tiles, flashing, and more)
  • Professional chimney sweeping to remove soot and creosote buildup
  • Debris removal for twigs, leaves, dead animals, and anything else Mother Nature may have left in your chimney
  • Brick and mortar evaluation to check for cracks, deterioration, and decomposition
  • Chimney repair suggestions, if needed

Simply put, we’ll get your chimney ready to go for the cold season. You can light your fireplace with complete peace of mind.

Ready to Schedule Your Fall Chimney Inspection?

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