A rock wall retains a backyard.

Are Boulder Retaining Walls Expensive?

Boulder retaining walls have become a staple in many Michigan communities. You may have noticed them along shoreline properties, but they have started making their way inland. A boulder retaining wall could be the perfect addition to your property, depending on your budget and overall goals. Read on to learn more.

Upfront Cost of Boulder Retaining Walls vs. Other Materials

The initial cost of a boulder retaining wall may be a little more than other retaining wall materials, such as paver blocks or wood. This is because heavy boulders require special equipment and skills to transport. With this in mind, boulders are much more durable than other materials. You’ll get a lot more longevity for your investment, making them an affordable option for many properties.

Long-Term Cost of Boulder Retaining Walls (Maintenance)

Boulders are practically maintenance free. Other retaining wall materials eventually have to be reset or replaced because they are subject to shifting. The boulders we typically use for retaining walls are so heavy that they don’t move out of place. Heavy rain and wind won’t make them budge, even if the ground behind the retaining wall is shifting.

Boulders are also easy to clean, and many property owners never clean them at all. The rain or nearby water will wash away most dirt and debris, but you can choose to pressure wash them if you like. If you’re comparing maintenance costs for retaining walls, boulders are as affordable as they come.

Will Any Boulder Work for a Retaining Wall?

The size, shape and age of a boulder may play a role in its usability. In the case of manmade boulders and rocks, there is a wide variation in quality. A hollow, lightweight boulder isn’t going to stand up to the same wear and tear that a natural boulder would. With that in mind, there are plenty of materials to choose from, and we’d be happy to go over your options with you.

Get Your Quote for a Custom Boulder Retaining Wall

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