Advantages of Brick Pavers over Stamped Concrete

Advantages of Brick Pavers over Stamped Concrete

There are many ways to achieve your dream driveway or that gorgeous patio you’ve always wanted. Brick pavers are a top choice for outdoor spaces, far superior to most other materials. However, because of the cost associated with brick pavers, many homeowners look to stamped concrete as an alternative. What is the best option for your home, and what is the best long-term investment?

Brick Pavers Have No Curing Time

If you get a stamped concrete driveway, you must wait up to 5 days before using it. This is because the concrete takes time to cure before it can support weight and maintain its shape. With brick pavers, there is no curing time. You can immediately start using your paved area as soon as the pavers are down.

Brick Pavers Provide Better Water Drainage

The joints between brick pavers create paths for water to drain. This is particularly beneficial during a rain or snow storm in Michigan. A stamped concrete slab may be slick and dangerous, while a paved surface will have more grip to walk across.  Moreover, a brick patio or driveway will have less glare at night, making it easier to see and safer to interact with.

Brick Pavers Are Easier to Repair

If a section of your brick driveway gets damaged, it can be easily repaired. If the bricks shift, a repairman can remove individual pavers, relevel the ground below, and then reinstall the same pavers. If pavers get damaged (which is rare), a professional brick paver can come out to remove the old bricks and install new, matching bricks in their place.

With stamped concrete, it is much more difficult to repair a small section of it. You may need an entirely new concrete structure if the slab cracks from foundation shifting. This will quickly eat away at whatever money you might have saved during the initial installation.

Brick Pavers Look Better Than Stamped Concrete

At the end of the day, you can’t beat the aesthetic appeal of brick pavers. They suit nearly every home style, and there are countless colors and styles to choose from. If you truly want to enhance your home’s exterior, you can’t go wrong with brick pavers. Contact N&M Restoration for a free, no obligation brick paving consultation.